A Framework of Guidance for Building Good Digital Collections


The 3rd edition (2007) of the Framework was supported in large part by the Institute for Museum and Library Services (www.imls.gov).




Abstract A Framework of Guidance for Building Good Digital Collections provides an overview of some of the major components and activities involved in the creation of good digital collections and provides a framework for identifying, organizing, and applying existing knowledge and resources to support the development of sound local practices for creating and managing good digital collections. It is intended for two audiences: cultural heritage organizations planning projects to create digital collections, and funding organizations that want to encourage the development of good digital collections.

IMLS, which developed the first version of the Framework in 2000, transferred maintenance—with continuing strong support—to NISO in September 2003. A NISO advisory group issued the second edition in 2004 and a new NISO Working Group was formed in 2006 to create the third edition (2007). The third edition updates and revises the Framework, as well as incorporates it into a website for use by library and museum practitioners. This will encourage community participation in the framework, soliciting feedback, annotations, resources, and discussion.

The 3rd edition of the Framework, published in December 2007, is available as a PDF PDF. Please note that this static version of the Framework is not being updated or changed, as is being done with this online community version, and so may not be identical to this online version.

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