Digital programs provide the framework that pulls together people, policies and tools. Projects are activities within programs that have specific goals and are of finite duration. Project planning and program planning have common principles, and both must include plans for ongoing sustainability. For this reason, we refer to both projects and programs together as “digital initiatives.”

Digital collection-building programs have become a core part of many organizations’ missions, but this may not be reflected in the organizational structure and funding. A key component of the digital program manager’s job is ensuring that the core nature of digital collection building is explicit at every level of the organization.

Building a digital collection often involves assembling a team of individuals from various disciplines, departments, and/or institutions. From the very beginning, the manager should invest in team building to encourage all members to benefit from each other’s perspectives and backgrounds.

Initiatives Principle 1: A good digital initiative has a substantial design and planning component.

Initiatives Principle 2: A good digital initiative has an appropriate level of staffing with necessary expertise to achieve its objectives.

Initiatives Principle 3: A good digital initiative follows best practices for project management.

Initiatives Principle 4: A good digital initiative has an evaluation component.

Initiatives Principle 5: A good digital initiative markets itself and broadly disseminates information about the initiative's process and outcomes.

Initiatives Principle 6: A good digital initiative considers the entire lifecycle of the digital collection and associated services.

Last updated: 04/17/2008